Who We Are




My family and I moved to Wabash in 2013. It is my husband's hometown, and I fell in love with the small town charm and its historic architecture. I was drawn to the downtown area and to the close knit community which has welcomed us with open arms.

My desire to find a place for my art studio was my first goal and then thought it would be fun to add on a toy store. As a mother of 5 children, I know toys! I have a great appreciation for beautifully crafted toys that last more than a couple of weeks. And as a response to the disposable consumerism that is so prevalent in our society  I believe, at least hope, that if you buy well made toys that they will stay out of the land fills and will be cherished for generations.

My paintings represent and reflect the world around me. We live on a small farm just outside of town.  You will often find goats, sheep, donkey's, and all sorts of colorful characters on the canvas as well as around the farm. 

Please stop by Black Squirrel the next time you are in Wabash.  



Here we are at the NYC International Toy Fair 2015!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the name Black Squirrel?

Because the black squirrels are crazy, unique and located in Wabash Indiana, they are a relatively new to the area, arriving about 10 years ago. I too am crazy, unique and new to the area! Thus the name. They also make for a super adorable logo:)